behind the name

so, who's rob?

Meet Rob Garbowsky: popcorn connoisseur and father of former Jonas Brothers guitarist and close friend, Greg. Many years ago, Rob created his signature popcorn recipe: freshly popped kernels seasoned with a sweet, salty, and savory blend unlike anything else out there.

why the jonas brothers
love this popcorn!

In 2011, fate intertwined the lives of Rob's popcorn and the Jonas Brothers forever. After a rained out concert, Nick followed Greg to the Garbowsky house where Rob whipped up a batch of his famous popcorn. Blown away by its unique flavor, Nick immediately shared it with his brothers - Kevin and Joe - and the popcorn quickly became the band's go-to snack!

welcome backstage

For over a decade, the treasure of this popcorn remained a well-kept secret between the Jonas Brothers and Rob, but we're thrilled to finally share the backstage magic with you.